Laser Transfer Paper for Dark Fabrics (Laser-One)


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Neenah's Laser-One-Opaque® is an easy-to-use, ultra vibrant opaque transfer paper for accurately reproducing photographs, logos, and more onto dark and colored t-shirts. It has a thicker white base to the paper, so that all colors in a full-color photograph or graphic are represented truly as the original color, for a high-quality finished product.

Laser-One-Opaque® offers superior durability to transfers onto fabric and apparel goods. It is not a self-weeding paper, and would require trimming by hand or with a vinyl cutter prior to application to remove any ‘excess background’ white.


  • Bright and vivid full-color printing on dark and colored garments. Simply print, peel, and press for your own custom designed t-shirt!
  • Print onto any color garment with no graphic limitations - compatible with cotton, polyester, and blends.
  • Due to the toner used in HP and Brother laser printers, transfers used with these printers have less durability and washability than transfers from other printers. Printers that have a fusing temperature above 350 degrees F will have difficulty printing onto transfer paper and may experience jamming within the printer.
  • For laser printer use only - GSM 177.5
  • Must be applied by heat press application only - cannot be applied with conventional home iron
  • Get detailed application instructions here.