Sublimation Paper (Jetcol® DHS)


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Neenah's Jetcol® DHS sublimation paper is a game-changer! It’s hard to believe something as simple as what sublimation paper used can make such a huge difference in production. The secret to the magic is that paper manufacturer Neenah Coldenhove designed Jetcol® DHS with a special coating that prevents ink from getting absorbed into the paper’s fibers. Because the sublimation ink stays on top of the paper, your printer doesn’t use as much to saturate the page. In turn, the ink sublimates more quickly.

Additionally, Jetcol® DHS has a very high transfer yield. Almost all of the ink on the paper is used in sublimation. With most other papers, you will still observe a fair amount of ink left on your sublimation paper after pressing – that’s wasted ink and money! With a high transfer yield paper like Jetcol® DHS, that happens far less.

See full product specs here.