Siser EasyPuff Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl


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Enhance your design with East Puff Metalic! This product adds shimmer and shine to your puffy designs, giving them a vibrant look. It's perfect for bold designs and lettering, making them stand out even more.



  • Siser Vinyl is safe for all ages and certified by CPSIA.
  • It works well on various fabrics like cotton polyester, and blends.
  • Ideal for multi-color applications and can be used with other Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl.
  • Comes with a metallic finish and is 180 microns thick.
  • Features a sticky back carrier, perfect for detailed designs.



  • Graphtec: Blade: 45°/60°, Force:8-9, Tool:CB09+0, Speed:30cm/s
  • Siser Cutter:Blade: 45°/60°, Force:10-20, Speed:10, Offset:250
  • Silhouette:Blade: AutoBlade 3, Material: Heat Transfer Smooth, Force: 6, Speed: 8



  • Cover the design with a heat transfer cover sheet or multipurpose paper.
  • Preheat the garment for 2-3 seconds.
  • Apply the design at 280°F/138°C.
  • Use medium pressure for 10 seconds.
  • Peel off the carrier while it is still hot or warm.
  • Maintain medium heat throughout the process. 



  • Siser EasyWeed Transfer Vinyl is for use with a vinyl cutter only and is not printable.
  • Store in a dark, dry, and cool area for up to 1 year for the best result.